Monday, November 21, 2011

Update: feathering and nodes

Just a little update to let you all know this project has not been abandoned yet :).

I have made some improvements to the feathering code to prevent it from overlapping itself so easily. Even though it now works better than before, it still isn't as robust as having a second b├ęzier shape (like in Nuke). So, I've decided to add a b├ęzier feathering mode to give the user the option of using it when the current method fails.

I have also started working on a dedicated Roto2D compositing node. At the moment Roto2D uses a standard Image node which is less than ideal. The new node will fix the current rendering and undo issues. The next release will probably be a intermediate one with parts of the script moved to the node but not all of it yet. I'm still working on the best way to allow the node and the image editor to interact and right now python gives me a faster turn around.


  1. hey Matthijs,
    this addon is awesome, but there are two issues. The first: when you install the addon to the blender version 2.61 you can't add a mask
    The second: when you activate the addon in blender 2.61, than deactivate and activate again blender will crash.
    Please fix it, thanks.

    Philip Henke

  2. Hello Philip,
    Thank you for trying the addon. The problem is that the script needs a couple of functions that are only available in the special 2.59 build available here:

    The binary downloads contain a copy of this build and the script and everything should work after unpacking without needing to install anything.
    Thank you for your interest in the project and please let me know if you run into any other problem.


  3. Thanks Mathijs,

    I've tried out the special release, but it would be very cool if i can use the plugin for hiding thinks(ex: planes with textures) when I've tracked something with the tomato branch or the integrated tracker in some blender branches, because the roto bezier needs hundreds of nodes.
    One Solution: you can make a tutorial about copying which scripts in which folders.


    A blender branch which can do tracking:

  4. Hello Philip,

    Right now I'm using the main branch for the new version but you're right, it would be very cool to have both rotoscoping and a tracker and being able to link the tracker position to the roto mask. I'll look into switching to one of the tracker branches and since the roto node is still in its early stages, this is a good time to make the switch.

    Thanks for your solution proposal but unfortunately, the 0.48a release needs a couple of pixel access functions written in C to speed things up (to make it usable instead of annoying). That's why it only works with the build available here. I'll see if I can move those functions to a copy of the tomato branch to get an idea of how we can get them to work together. Shouldn't be too problematic.

    Thank you very much for your input and keep the good ideas coming!