Wednesday, September 14, 2011

0.48a release (alpha)

The first public release! A 64-bit x86 linux build and a 32-bit windows build are available as well as the source code. All archives include the user guide and the script.

Warning: 0.48a is an alpha version, this means that it is for testing purposes only!

unpack & run blender
Load the startup.blend from the archive to get a Nuke-like interface.

Available downloads (the archives include a copy of Blender 2.59):
Linux x86 64-bit binary (15MB)
Windows 32-bit binary (25MB)
Source (22MB)

Additional downloads:
User guide
Python script

Introduction video:

Let me know if and how it works for you!


  1. Hi. This works great so thank you very much for this and the effort you put into it. I can get it working with stills but the mask does not animate when I render an animation. What could I be doing wrong. Thanks again.

  2. @coolbeans
    Thank you! The problem is that at the moment the renderer doesn't wait for the mask to update. As a work around, you can try adding a render layer node to give it some more time. It doesn't need to be connected to anything. There is a step by step description in the user guide on page 2. Let me know if it works for you.

  3. Thanks for the quick response Matthijs, but I think my problem could be different. What I have done is create a simple bezier shape uaing Roto2D that moves around the screen and I use this as a mask to alpha over part of an image over my 3d scene. So I have my render layer with 3D scene going into an alphaover node with the image and a the Rot2D generated mask also going in as input to alphaover. The output is being rendered and going to a viewer. The output is exactly what I expect but regardless of where I set the current frame to and render the mask stays in it's initial position. It does animate fine in the image viewer. I also tried rendering my animation to a movie but the mask does not move. My understanding from your guide was that I only needed to add an empty render layer if I was not using render layers in my composite.

  4. Ah ok, I misunderstood the problem. I have tried to recreate it and the problem seems to be that the update is blocked for the 'Render result' viewer. I've updated the script and removed the blockage. You can get the new one here:
    Just copy it over the one in: blender_259_etc/2.59/scripts/addons/
    I hope this solves your problem. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  5. Thanks Matthijs, that worked great. I will keep having a play and will report any other problems. Keep up the great work, this is a really fantasic Blender AddOn.

  6. Great to hear it worked and keep the reports coming!